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What to expect and bring

A physician and/or nurse will assess you and your baby for all infant feeding concerns. Nursing or feeding of the baby will be observed. Bringing baby so they are a bit hungry will help us assess feeding.

Your first appointment will take approximately 1-1.5 hours. Follow up appointments are scheduled as necessary. and are usually 20-40minutes, though sometimes can be longer. Please plan ahead accordingly.

Though we try to stay on time, due to the sensitive nature of these appointments, the team can sometimes run late. This is always because we are providing the very best care we possibly can to the person before you. Please understand we will always give people the time they need when they are in crisis, including you.

Please be aware you will be asked to fill in a complete history of your feeding concerns before your appointment 

You will be sent a link to fill in the form before your first appointment.

Please Ensure You Have Completed Your Breastfeeding History Form



Please also bring:

  • Alberta Health Cards for you and baby

  • Spare diapers & wipes

  • A blanket for your baby

  • Spare clothes for baby

  • If you are using any supplement, bring expressed breast milk, donor milk or infant formula and your feeding method (bottle, SNS etc)

  • Mask

  • Sense of humour and an open mind :) 

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