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Get to Know Us
and Our Philosophy

Sleepy Baby

We are here to support you and your growing family!

Nurture Family Feeding Clinic is formerly known as The Lethbridge Breastfeeding Medicine Clinic. Our goal is to provide high quality care focusing on wellness and feeding during the post partum period. At Nurture, we believe that a well bonded family is the most important part of the post-partum journey and we are here to support you in whatever methods you choose to feed your child.

We are experienced family physicians who are also International Board Certified Lactation Consultants certified (IBCLC) with advanced medical training in breastfeeding.


We know parenting can be challenging and the team at Nurture are here to help.


Expertise and the biggest of hearts


Comfy and purposefully designed for families.

Parenthood is a life journey that no one is truly prepared for. There is more exhaustion than we could have imagined, more stress and fear than we could have predicted. But there is also great joy. Try to imagine a quiet, still space that holds only enough room for your own family, arms enclosed, with baby at the centre. Everyone is connected, everyone at peace. There is joy and rightness in the knowledge that you are all ok: you know just how to care for each other, and just what to do. This is nurturing- the process of encouraging and supporting growth- and is the core of family love. But we live in a world that pulls and pushes from all sides, and as we struggle to do what we feel is right for our family, to protect that peaceful place, the stress of the opinions of others and—worse—our own self-doubt, can become overwhelming. Instead of calmness, rightness, and peace, new parents often feel they have been tossed into a sea of conflicting advice, uncertainty and doubt.

Our clinic has spent ten years in the effort to help families navigate this tempestuous time; to regain that sense of peaceful wellbeing that only comes when we parent according to our own values. When you walk through the door for your first 45 minute appointment at our clinic, you will be asked to share the story of your pregnancy, delivery, and first hours together as a new family. You will be asked to describe the challenges you are facing- whether they be
breast or bottle feeding, reflux, fussiness, or sleep issues. Your health and wellbeing, and that of your baby, will be carefully assessed. You will be asked, without judgement, what you value most as a parent: what brings you the most joy, sadness, anger, fear— all the things that will help us understand what kind of parent you are, and hope to become. We will see you and your family as often as needed, for as long as needed, until your feeding goals are achieved, and
your self-confidence is restored along with the sense of nurturing that is the core of healthy family life.

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