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Serving you and your baby safely

Our patients' health & safety is our top priority! We are open and offer phone calls, virtual appointments, and booked appointments in the clinic with extra precautions in place. We are here to support you and your baby.

The following Covid -19 are in place in our clinic:

  • Consultations during pregnancy for those at risk of breastfeeding issues or those who would like to learn more about breastfeeding prior to delivery.

  • Concerns about producing breast milk after breast reduction or augmentation surgery

  • Breastfeeding Assessments

  • Nipple pain and/or breast pain

  • Evaluation and treatment of tongue tie and lip tie

  • Concerns about milk supply

  • Engorgement/blocked ducts/mastitis

  • Concerns about medication or surgery and breastfeeding/pumping

  • Concerns regarding infant growth/weight

  • Nursing multiples

  • Feeding support after discharge from the NICU

  • General post-partum support

  • Induced Lactation for adoption or surrogacy

  • Introduction to solid food feeding

  • Pumping guidance

  • Return to work guidance

For questions or more information concerning our services please contact us today.
Please view our resources page for access to further information and services available to you through Alberta Health Services.

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