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Supporting you and your baby


Serving You and Your Baby Safely 

Our patients' health & safety is our top priority! We are open and offer phone calls, virtual appointments, and booked appointments in the clinic with extra precautions in place. We are here to support you and your baby.

Baby Sleeping

It takes a village... Let us be yours.

Our goal is to provide evidence informed medical care focusing on parental wellness and feeding during the postpartum period. We are a team of physician and nurses who specialize in lactation and infant feeding and all the difficulties you can face throughout your feeding journey. We offer a holistic approach to supporting you and your family in your feeding and parenting goals. We know parenting can be challenging and the team at Nurture Family Feeding Clinic are here to help.


Feeding Support

Milk Production Support

Post Partum Support


Breastfeeing Help

Breastfeeding Overview Raising Children Network

Breastfeeding Attachment Raising Children Network

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